Modern Languages

Learn another language, learn a whole new culture.


Experience new ways of old world thinking, seeing, and communicating.

The program in Modern Languages requires the study of three languages including Italian and/or Spanish. In Italian Studies, we offer courses on language, literature, and culture, including Italian food, music, and the Italian immigrant experience. Students have the opportunity to study abroad at the Università per Stranieri di Siena (in Siena, Italy) or the Università di Udine (in Friuli, Italy).

In Hispanic Studies, we offer courses on the language as well as the rich Hispanic culture in Spain and the Americas. Students can apply to study at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Any BA student studying several languages may obtain the Certificate of Basic Multilingual Competence.

Éléments clés

Participate in the peer-tutoring program and work as research assistants or teaching assistants.
Take advantage of the international exchange programs and study at universities abroad.
Learn to communicate with other people in their own language and culture and gain access to countless new opportunities.

Perspectives de carrière

Art, business, communications, design, fashion, graduate studies, hospitality industry, human relations, international relations (diplomacy, law, commerce and marketing), interpreting, teaching (at all levels), translation

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