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Political Science

Become a global citizen. Discuss and debate the world’s most pressing issues.

Political Science Program Year by Year

  • First year: students are introduced to the basic concepts and theoretical controversies that shape the field of inquiry, and to enough empirical material about current political systems and issues to relate the concepts to contemporary political controversies;


  • Second year: students are initiated into the major sub-fields of Political Science—Canadian politics, comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy—their history, their specific approaches and preoccupations, with some sense of their place in relation to the discipline as a whole and encourage students to begin reflecting on the methods and epistemological assumptions appropriate to the study of politics;


  • Third year: courses enable/require students to bring the conceptual, empirical, historical and methodological elements they have acquired to bear upon case studies or disciplinary controversies in the sub-fields that interest them and, in so doing, to deepen their appreciation of the challenge, the difficulties and the limits as well as the cognitive possibilities, of putting the basic elements of Political Science to work in specific contexts;


  • Fourth year: continues and prolongs this type of work, introducing topics and assignments that demand somewhat greater independence of thought and affording students the possibility of working on a subject of interest as a focal point around which to weave the various strands of knowledge, information, insight and method acquired along the way into an independent contribution to scholarship.

Conseiller aux études

Dr. Stéphanie Martens

Téléphone : 705.675.1151

Courriel : smartens@laurentian.ca

Bureau : Secretary - Carole Germain-Chiswell 705 675 1151 Ext. 4320

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Program Highlights:

  • Three or four-year year (Honours) programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts

  • Four main fields:
    Canadian government/public administration, International relations, Comparative politics, and Political Thought

  • Exchange program with several universities in Europe

  • A Model Parliament for students is held annually at the House of Commons in Ottawa


Note pour les étudiants actuels

Les options de grade ci-dessous seront offertes lors de la prochaine année universitaire et ne le sont pas cette année. Si vous cherchez les cours à suivre afin de compléter les options d'un programme d'une année universitaire antérieure, svp consultez avec un conseiller académique.

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