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Global Financial Markets and Institution

This course provides the fundamental concepts, theories and analytical tools essential for the analysis of developments in Canadian and global capital markets. Its focus is on corporate strategic planning with respect to financing decisions, especially as it relates to the transfer of investible funds from savers to borrowers in different financial markets and the mechanisms that underpin the determination of the price of financial assets. Topics include the nature and role of capital markets, theories of interest rate determination and structure and capital market players (including money, bond, mortgage, stock and derivative markets). This course also examines the complex organizing and efficiency roles financial institutions play in making financial markets work. It covers the structure of the financial system, variety of financial institutions, and the regulation of financial institutions to minimize systemic failures. PREREQ: FNCE 3007 or COMM 2027 or COMM 2025. (cst 3) cr 3. Students cannot retain credit for both COMM 4236 and FNCE 4016. Methods of teaching: lectures and case studies. Credits: 3.

Business Administration