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Architectural Studies

Build your community and earn an education that will train your hands as well as your imagination.


Begin the process of life-long learning in a tri-cultural program that is unique in Canada! Build a portfolio of exciting and innovative design-build projects.

Architecture: Design and Create Thriving Communities

Experience a unique architecture program that highlights design and culture for northern Ontario with an emphasis on developing expertise in wood and sustainable materials. 

Focus on design, culture, technology and professional practice. Enjoy courses on the main Laurentian University campus, and at the McEwen School of Architecture, Laurentian's downtown satellite building.

Challenge your creativity through the application of practical building solutions for northern climates, taking into account cultural sensitivities, diverse histories, and community profiles.

The McEwen School of Architecture is now officially the 12th accredited architecture school in Canada! 

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Éléments clés

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Design-build and community-design projects expose students to real community issues and hands-on building experience. Design-Build projects include the design and construction of ice-fishing huts, canoes, saunas, and other northern artifacts.
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Strongly rooted in an innovative 28-week co-op education model, the first work-term in the architecture program takes place in industry and related fields, while the second work-term takes place in an office for architecture or a related design field.
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International travel opportunities to countries such as Germany and Norway to study wood construction and design culture in other locations

Perspectives de carrière

Primarily geared to graduate studies towards the professional program in Architecture (M.Arch.)

Employment prospects for BAS graduates are numerous in the field of design including:

  • Urban planning and community development
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Industrial design


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Courtney McCracken

Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have been presented with opportunities and experiences that are unique to Laurentian's Architectural Studies program. With two 13-week co-op placements, it has allowed me to work and gain experience within the industry and helped center my career path. Learning through the Design-Build process has been an experience unique to Laurentian, and being a program based in the North, it is important to the program that we conduct Design-Build projects concentrating on northern cultures, such as Ice Warming Huts, Birch Bark Canoes, and Saunas. In addition, we are taught exclusively about material cultures, design for mitigating climate change, and fabrication through hands-on work experiences.
I had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Finland for three weeks of design/build work with eight other students. We gained a unique experience by perceiving traditional European Architecture as it connects to each unique culture and landscape. There are also design/build competitions available to students throughout the year, including opportunities to participate in the Bergen International Wood Festival in Norway.
I would recommend the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program to any person looking to expand their creativity, and work alongside others who are passionate about designing applicable solutions and to inspire others through their designs.

full body picture of a young female student who is smiling while standing in front of a building on campus

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